Leading company for various take-up reels Provider of plastic reel, corrugated plastic reel, and cardboard reel

We provide various take-up reels for electronic components, such as plastic reel, corrugated plastic reel, carrier reel, cardboard reel, and also packaging supply.



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Plastic reel, Corrugated plastic reel, Carrier reel, Cardboard reel, and most of our Packaging Supplies are our made-to-order products.
Unit price may vary depending on production volume and conditions.
Please inquire for more information.

Order Processing


Please request a quote or send us your inquiry.

Our representative will contact you shortly.
We will introduce you the best suited item for your needs.


After confirming your requests, we will make an estimate.

Layout Verification

Our layout specialist will design the products based on your request.
If you agree with the content, please go to the next step.

Order Payment

For ordering, please send us your purchase order via email.
After receiving PO, we will send you a bill.
We will start manufacturing the product after payment has received.

Please be assured that we will produce and deliver the products after we receive payment.

Please remit your payment to our designated bank account.


Sugamo Shinkin Bank / The Yachiyo Bank / Mizuho Bank


Our assembly specialist will manufacture the product based on layout. We are capable of making from one sample to mass production.

Commodity Inspection

We conduct commodity inspection at our facility before shipping to ensure quality of our products.


We will deliver your order by the appointed day.
Time of delivery starts at a minimum of 2 weeks.

Please note the shipping cost will be at the expense of addressee.

We will indicate shipping cost and delivery date when we issue your estimate.


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Futaba Corporation

3-2-16, Musashino, Akishima-shi, Tokyo 196-0021, JAPAN

take-up reels for electronic components

  • Plastic reel
  • Corrugated plastic reel
  • Carrier reel
  • Plastic board reel
  • Cardboard reel

Cushioning material
Manufacturing and retailing of each products