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Combines the best part of plastic and cardboard. No more paper dusts, highly durable and reusable.



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Corrugated Plastic Reel

Combines the best part of plastic and cardboard.
No more paper dust, highly durable and reusable.

anti-static, sub-conductive technology Usable in factory line with sensitive precision apparatus. Print option available

It wont generate paper dust, so you can use it in clean room without any stress.
Higher intensity than Cardboard reel and highly durable.
You can design any sizes. Please consult for details.


  • No need to worry about paper dust, perfect for clean room use.
  • Print option is available. You can print your company name or logo.
  • You can select flange colors.
  • We introduce products that meet Rohs and REACH.

Primary use

Carrier tape connector Narrow pitch stamping terminal
lead frame      

Custom order

Dimension Table

We offer reasonable prices for standard sizes. You can order casually with small lot.
Order when necessary and as much as you need, so that you don't need to worry about space to store.

A  Flange diameter(φ) 300φ~850φ
B  Barrel diameter(φ) 50φ~750φ
C  Internal barrel diameter(φ) 20φ~
D  Barrel length(mm) 20mm~200mm

Corrugated Plastic Reel


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